Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jason Lytle

Love this guy. Did his thing with Grandaddy for a long while and could never really lift the poor bastards off the ground. Apparently after their last show, he set his guitar on fire and moved from California to Montana to record this album, Yours Truly, The Commuter. Copycat (RE: Bon Iver). I guess the point was to reinvent himself with his music. While I like this album a lot, it basically sounds to me like the next thing from Grandaddy. Although, definitely better than their last few.

Jump from your secular diving board into this abyss for a while, forget who you are, where you're from and that you have a job. Then get divorced, sell the kids and move to Montana. And whatever you do, don't take a shower.

Jason Lytle // F├╝rget It
Jason Lytle // Brand New Sun

Monday, June 22, 2009

Crystal Antlers

While we're still talking about organs (musical ones), and soul for that matter, how's about taking a listen to these fellas. A bluesy doozy with a side of screaming heartbreak in my face matter, the Crystal Antlers' latest full length album, Tentacles, kind of makes me want to erase time with my forced-entry disorientation. What was that?

This is like the Doors and the Walkmen got together with a time machine and a bag of explosives and just decided to go apeshit. I love it.

Crystal Antlers // Andrew
Crystal Antlers // Time Erased

What $8 and a bag of schwag will buy you. Love the random wind turbine shots.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Timber Timbre

Take Tom Waits and remove his lifetime smoking habit and you might get a born again grown baby that sounds somewhat like Timber Timbre. Soulful, haunting, and laced with a dizzying chemical that spirals the spirals in my pupils, this experimental Toronto duo led by space alien Taylor Kirk will likely have you moaning for more.

Lately, I've been getting into organs. Mainly boob organs. But this kind is good, too. Very good.

Timber Timbre // Lay Down In The Tall Grass

Monday, June 15, 2009

Throw Me The Statue

Front man and pioneer of this formerly one-man pop extravaganza, Scott Reitherman, orchestrates some throwback, but lovely melodies with this new album, Creaturesque, delivering to record stores and lingerie shops on August 4. That, my friend, was a mouth full. But I checked the grammar with Merriam Webster Slaughter and he gave it an F+ so we're all good.

There are now four gents in the band making the whole one-man thing a lot less cool, but I suppose if you want to play live these days, you need other "people" to help you out. What to the evs. Their label, Secretly Canadian, has some nice hooker loving, crack bands putting out some decent scratch this summer. I kid, it's a fine label. Can I get some orange juice around here? Please.

Throw Me The Statue // Ancestors

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holly Miranda

I've talked about her before and I'll talk about her again. Holly has a new EP out called Sleep On Fire and it's not bad. I'm pretty sure this is a prelude to something much bigger, but that's only an educated hunch. And if you know me, you know my educated hunches are worth millions. Sometimes hundreds. Or ones. I've been following this lass for the past few several months. Her progress that is, not her physically. Come on, seriously? You really think I' you shut up. Right...following her. I do believe she's getting much better. My EH tells me she'll be a household name in the music world very, very soon.

This is really bullshit because it's real. Listen for yourself.

Holly Miranda // Everytime I Sleep

A little short. Well it's 17:40, but it's worth it. Is it me or is she the devil? In a good way. A good way.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MGMT - Kids video

Man this kid is an incredible actor. What's that? He's only 13 months old and is really terrified out of his brain cap? Well shame on you MGMT. Shame on you Hollywood. Shame on you Mark Twain. And shame on you MADD. This kid's gonna be fucked for life. Remember that girl from Poltergeist? Exactly. I hope when that kid dies in his nightmares, you'll be happy. Because you'll be responsible. A+

Monday, June 8, 2009


From the land of the lyrically gifted, this album is a welcome mat I like to put my feet on. Elvis Costello on the upside, Leonard Cohen on the downside, and there's really not much of an in-between. It's called Hombre Lobo, the Eels 450th album (that may not be accurate, but I lost count, so...) and it's a pleasant roller coaster ride that I, for one, will be taking multiple passes on.

Eels // That Look You Give That Guy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fight the Big Bull

I get a lot of shit for not digging into my own local scene. Well 1) fuck you and 2) you're right and I'm sorry for the first thing I said. So, here's a start. Saw these guys a few weeks back and I was immediately trying to figure out how I was going to use their music. Modern noise jazz is what I call it, but I'm sure this ensemble of bearded gents would take offense to that. Or maybe they wouldn't. I don't know them personally, so I don't know. Maybe you should ask them. Led by Matthew White and housed in Virginia, I imagine you'll hear these guys scoring a David Lynch film at some point. However, he may be too commercial for them.

Fight The Big Bull // Dying Will Be Easy