Monday, September 19, 2011

Trance It Out with I Break Horses & Austra & The Rapture

I love this weird & moodiful psychedeliatoned Kevin Shieldsy, feel-goodington & rocket-ship-to-Mars type of shit. If the hour is right. And the hour is right. I'm referring first to the aptly named I Break Horses who openly admit their music is heavily stolen inspired by bands like My Bloody Valentine. This isn't trance music, but it'll put you in one.

I Break Horses // Hearts

Next, I'll take my psychotic beats with bare boobs and lingerie lesbians. Austra, led by Latvian-Canadian singer, Katie Stelmanis, and her droney voice, will have your feet moving one way and your brain another as I believe the goal of the band is to steal it. And maybe it eat. That's what I gather is happening right at this moment.

Don't forget the new single:
Austra // Spellwork

Finally, when I don't have to think anymore, just throw me some Nikes and toss me out into the middle of the farm dance floor to wait for The Rapture. While frontman Luke Jenner's voice can seem a tad whiney, it somehow manages to narrowly escape damaging the music. In fact, it works together rather nicely. Their new album, In The Grace Of Your Love, was apparently heavily influenced by gospel music. Growing up in southern churches, I'm struggling to find it here, but either way, I like what they're doing. Check out Luke's excellent gospel mix on these words right here.

The Rapture // Sail Away

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