Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks Video

Took me a minute or two to jump on this bandwagon, but these guys are pretty fantastic. The new album, Veckatimest, is quite masterful, layers and layers deep with quality sounds, including distorted church organs and singing childrens. You'll find a million other reviews on the interwebs from nuts like me pretending to know what the hell they're talking about. So I'm not gonna bother. I will suggest buying this album. And also to not have intercourse with your sister. Because that's what these guys did right before they shot this video and this really happened. Not kidding.

Grizzly Bear // Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear // Ready, Able

Monday, May 25, 2009


Born in Canada in 2000, year of Falconia, Dark Lord of Falcon Crest, Faunts have fascinated the world with news of repeated transsexual orgies backstage. That may or may not be true, but it probably is. Or isn't. Stop straying off topic, let's keep this about the music. Most of the melodies on their latest album, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of (nice one fellas) are Slow.Touching.Retropop.Dutching. What did I just write? Dutching. College experiment, I'll explain later. The lyrics will boil the love blood in your heart holes so I'd suggest some Cardene before listening. That's Mexican for heart medication. Speaking of heart medication, can I borrow a quarter?

Faunts // So Far Away

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker. Pulp. Singer. Too much history to go into dating back to WWIV. Just know this man is nuts and awesome at the same time. His new album Further Complications picks up where Pulp left off, but he'd like you to believe it's art. Just check out his site and see what the eff I'm talking about.

Jarvis Cocker // Angela

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Veils

British Overlords Rough Trade Records have a score of lovely musical acts out these days including this feisty little London rock horse. Started in 1874 by a young and striking (he wears a hat) Finn Andrews, The Veins have become a tightly knit ball of talent, spreading a myriad of sounds across their latest album, Sun Gangs. From blues to harder blues to blistering soul splattering rock joints to quieter ballads, these guys have really spread their seed all over the face of music. Apparently they don't like babies enough to hit the hole. Gross? You're gross. Jerk.

The Veils // Three Sisters

Monday, May 11, 2009


Look at these two. Who do they think they are? Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art In Manila) and Scalpelist (Cedric LeMoyne of Remy Zero). I know it's confusing, I mean who are we talking about here, music people or music bands? And what am I talking about?

This is sort of a weird chemical imbalance that caused a spark. Melodic and quiet in their own natural worlds, together they combust into something slightly more jagged and chaotic. I use chaotic loosely, you can still fall asleep at the wheel to this. So do it!

O+S // Permanent Scar

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Do you miss acid? The way it made you one with the clouds and your sister's hair. The way it made you jump into a pond full of snakes on your 18th birthday because you believed God was inside of it. The way you and 8 strangers created the greatest life-size painting of John Lennon just to find out later it wasn't paint, but glue. And it wasn't John Lennon, it was GLUE. Well I don't. But I thought about it for a few seconds when listening to these Brooklyn-based psychedeliophiles. That's not really a word, but it should be. Woods Family Band, as they're sometimes referred to by at least one website, can only really be described as a quasi-modern psychedelic jam band. Bring your tie-dye, let's have a hippie dance.

Woods // Echo Lake