Tuesday, April 21, 2009


FROM TAIPEI. via the Bay Area.

does a bitchin resume of labels a label whore maketh? he's recorded on the following:
-Bpitchcontrol (Berlin) [Ellen Allien's label]
-Tigerbeat6 and ViolentTurd (Oakland) [Kid 606's labels]
-Component (CT)
-ExNihilo (Belgium)
-Detroit Underground [awesome]
-Voxxx (Chemnitz)
-Deathsucker (UK)
-Intellectos (Boston)
-Schematic (Miami) [Otto von Schirach's label]
-Reconfiguration (China)
and his own Daly City Records (Daly City)

Many people consider this hip hop, and Mochipet himself claims that his favorite music is "anything not electronic." Well, then.

Mochipet at Bangface, London

Mochipet // Master P on Atari

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