Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Forest Fire

A post from two musings:

1. Skyped with an ex-pat bestie yesterday - whenever I talk to her, (by that meaning I try not to look at myself in the small corner screen and wince over my flourescent-washed complexion. C'mon, you do it, too.), I consider the finger on the collective cultural pulse. What the Old Country thinks of the music scene of the New Country.
2. Mood rings came up in a morning conversation - makes me nostalgic for lost pieces of 7th grade jewelry and aura readings.

And so, "Fortune Teller" comes off the '08 album "Survival" that the French music review La Blogotechque rated above "For Emma, Forever Ago" and "Fleet Foxes." A Brooklyn quartet favoring lo-fi garage ramshackle ramblings, the instrumentation makes me think dissonance and dark burning embers. Recorded mostly live in less than five takes between Brooklyn and Portland, the nonchalant approach may be a shoulder shrug as to why they haven't broken through like better bearded, tightly produced counterparts. The tracks are a little looser, the mortar between shellacked not so thick.
Not that I don't dig it! Clearly, I do. And if the French like you, hell, who cares? They don't like much of anyone.

Forest Fire // Fortune Teller

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