Monday, November 23, 2009

Le Loup

Everybody likes a hometown team. Though I can't entirely claim DC as my own, I'm of the camp that if you can get there in less than two hours, consider your satellite closet to be in Reston and have been lost on the Geo Wash Parkway at least once - you're nearly a townie.

Other reasons I have warm-n-fuzzies for this gaggle of multi-instrumentalists:
- I've had a photo-op on the DC Zoo sign, too!
- I like to put "Le" in front of everything! (re: i am le tired)
- Sounds like - animal collective+yeasayer+fleet foxes!

Coming off the quintessential bedroom recordings of founder, Sam Simkoff - Le Loup started layering glistening leaves of le banjo, piano, guitar, perpetual percussion and dryersheet light vocals in '06. The revamped boudoir tracks, le inspired by Dante's Inferno, made for a debut teeming with ambient loops. Sophmore effort, "Family," departs the synth of their brief youth for a more mature audio richness and reverb vocals that taste of Robin Pecknold. That is, if you're of the camp that you've licked Robin Pecknold.
You're an odd bird, aren't you?

p.s. you just read the le 200th ES post in history - YOU WON YOU WON

Le Loup // Beach Town

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