Friday, March 5, 2010

the Sandwitches

When I first heard the feel-good jam (sammich pun !) "Back to the Sea," first simile to mind was Gidget before she got on her surfboard. Girlie '50s doo-woppin in cat eye glasses, perfectly coiffed ponytails flipping after syncopated snapping.

But Gidget might be a bit aghast. A deeper dive into
How to Make Ambient Sadcake reveals shades of hippie americana, goth, noise pop and bossa nova. The Sandwitches like to play shows with faces painted like ICP going to church. Asexual, sometimes searing harmonies with vamp. Gals who want nothing to do with your flippin ponytail, ripped stockings and two-legged cats are more their speed. They'll break your poser, cat eye glasses in half - and will NOT provide tape for a patch job.

I'm kidding, I'm sure they're very nice girls who brush and floss every night - which makes them more the model citizen than most of us.

The San Franisco trio's mix of cane sugar, city grime and nostalgia makes for a far from miserable three-layer baked good.
Or club sandwich.

The Sandwitches // Back to the Sea

The Sandwitches // Fire

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