Monday, May 24, 2010

Jack Peñate

There's a lot of pop out there to sift through. Orchestral pop, bubblegum pop, afro-pop, dream pop, cherry pop rocks. Can't blame the musicmakers - daily bread depends on the earworms making you fork over hard-earned .99cents. Lucky for us, there's a hefty portion of it that doesn't suck.
(disclaimer: don't call me a pop snob. I stood in a teal Pontiac convertible belting Backstreet Boyz "Incomplete" in 2006 all right? Sorry I'm not sorry.)

Peñate pop, it's got range - R&B, soul, gospel, disco, reggaeton.
It's got fash - the English lad looks good in a bedazzled track jacket.
It's got moves - not many a man can shimmyshonga at this caliber while playing guitars, singing, making sex eyes, etc.

His cockney yelp fizzes pleasantly over tracks washed with horns and vibing to distorted Telecasters. Everything is New is slow and smooth carbonation. You'll sing, you'll dance and you'll raise your can of cream soda to acknowledge the mustachioed gent.

Jack Peñate // Be The One

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