Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How To Dress Well

Tom Krell, research translator of post-Kantian philosophy by day. Subterranean-fi R&B artist and sound designer by night. What a mystery. What an enigma. What a long lost twin of mine - because they are few people in this world who sweat early 90's R&B like I do.
"Candy Rain," "Twisted," be still my heart.
Difference being I do solo cracked croons in the car while he emulates and shares with all the world on his living breathing blog.

HTDW is escapist, deconstructed molasses miasma. The sound design elements - synthesizer, Aaliyahe-esque "ahs," handclaps - are so singular you know they feel nakey. Once exposed, they futilely attempt to cover themselves under
his keening falsetto - like a Timberlake-after-a-balls-kick falsetto. But there's not much to hold onto before it's gone again.

Our smooth sound hero returns this month after his debut tour in Europe. Full length LP due out in September; you can cruise with me and belt Kci & JoJo in the Jetta if you're feening till then.

How to Dress Well // Ready For the World

How to Dress Well // Ready For the World (Twin Sister Remix)

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