Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Walkmen

I'd been one glum hamster since that last post. That was way too much reality in my real world. So much so that I had to drink an entire bottle meant to be reserved for some romantical thing or another, just to get my shoes tied up tight.
And you know what, friend? My life is lived romantically, so I can drink that grape juice whenever I want. A votre sante.

Speaking of boozy romance - these boys are that and a key-bump of cheeto dust. Since '04, the Walkmen have kept their cacophonous, howling, careless abandon center stage. The kind of stuff that made you want to do the Walk of Shame. Lisbon, set to release September 14th, doesn't forget those wild nights, but lucidly evaluates what many-a-midnight hour provided.

Hamilton Leithauser and crew took two trips to Portugal's capital over the course of writing the album. It's stripped, plaintive musculature could easily put you
in the corner of a dusky blue room, looking out over rust-colored roofs leading to Ursa sands. Drool. The title and closing track are a little tip of the cap to it's muse.

Few more personal standouts are "Angela Surf City's" unhinged percussion and next-door subtleties of "While I Shovel the Snow." Featured track could still have me doing the Walk, only a little more elegantly with my hair smoothed behind my ears.

The Walkmen // Blue As Your Blood

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