Thursday, April 28, 2011

bluegrass bonanza

Across the amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty, Becki Hoehn guests posts for us from the wilds of Auburn, CA. When not tromping about in cargo shorts and SmartWool socks, she's catching shows and schooling roadies on the finer points of soil chemistry.

xx, chirgo


Brown Bird

Devil Makes Three

Bluegrass - their roots can be traced back to the Appalachians, so why did it take me moving away from the Appalachians to start appreciating bands with banjos and upright bassists?

I recently went to a show where two bands just blew my mind with their talent. The opener, Brown Bird, is a duo from Rhode Island who plays more instruments than The Arcade Fire has band members. Their dark bluesy country music had me drop-jawed, and luckily for you RVA peoples they are going to be in town May 22nd, location to be determined.

The Devil Makes Three had me upon sighting an inked chick on upright bass,{Lucia Turino}...but seriously I think these guys just want you in your dancing Toms,
What's the typical fashion for bluegrass, I'm too new at this?
Regardless, everyone in the venue was bouncing around to their "badass backporch blues," me especially.


Brown Bird // Danger and Dread

Devil Makes Three // Aces and Twos

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