Friday, March 6, 2009

Dark Dark Dark

Another show this Sunday, March 8th. ! Dark Dark Dark plays at Thanky Space gallery on Brook Road. 7pm.

From their page on their label Supply and Demand's website:
When Nona Marie Invie (accordion/voice) and Marshall LaCount (banjo/voice) first began to play and write music together, they had no intention of starting a serious band - they just needed a way to earn passage to New Orleans. Marshall had run away from home to spend a summer sailing and singing down the Mississippi river on homemade rafts, and Nona had spent time hopping freight trains and wandering across the US and Europe. With no desire to settle down, the two set out, picking up band members Jonathan Kaiser (cello/voice) and Todd Chandler (upright bass) along the way.

Wait, really? ...I am having another JT LeRoy, fiction-vs-hype episode.

Dark Dark Dark // Trouble No More

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