Friday, March 27, 2009

Say Hi (at a bowling alley)

Wednesday 3/25 2:49AM Plaza Duckpin Bowl

What the Shasta? Who plans a show with four bands on a Wednesday night to start at 10P? At a duckpin bowling alley. The first band called...hmmm, beats the hell out of me... went on at 10:53. Long night to say the least, but it wasn't bad. Just bizarre.

When we arrived there were roughly 45 people in attendance and it only dwindled from there. So you can imagine what the show was like when Say Hi went on at 1:10A. They played for about 30 minutes, a practice really, and I don't blame them. When your opening band and the janitor are your only observers, you don't feel bad about phoning it in. But despite the shitty PA and small crowd, they weren't disappointing.

Telekinesis who played right before them, also from Seattle, kicked some duckpin ass. They were great and I'll write about them later, but this post is exclusive to SH. Shhhhh.

Since the place wasn't crawling with maggots, I asked Eric Elbogen (the creator and only real member of Say Hi) a few questions. Then later on, we had an interview in my dream that picked up in exactly the same place. Above is a photo of me taking a photo of him plus the photo I took of him. Brilliant!

Here's how the whole thing went down. Remember, I was already destroyed at this point.

ES: Love all your cover art, who does it, you?
Eric: No, there are a group of guys in Seattle that do it.
ES: That's cool, so do you do the art?
Eric: What?
ES: I noticed you have a shitload of tour dates.
Eric: Yeah, I...
ES: Have you ever performed at a place like this?
Eric: Well we've never played at a duckpin bowling alley before, but I'm kind of digging it.
ES: This place is weird. Did you see the guy at the bar with no teeth?
Eric: Oh the guy...
ES: Is it ok if I put one of your songs on my blog?
Eric: Sure.
ES: Great. Thanks.

This is how the interview continued in my dream:

ES: Would you perform a private concert on my blog?
Eric: Yeah.
ES: Really?
Eric: Yeah man, it's really hard to be heard these days, so we'll do it.
ES: I really like dolphins, do you like dolphins?
Eric: I don't have a car.
ES: I'm a lawnmower.

That's when Eric turned into a woman and we danced outside by the empty pool.

Thanks for the dance Eric. It meant a lot to me.

The new album Oohs & Aahs is a nice mature evolution of his previous albums. If you like his more popular tracks like Northwestern Girls, These Fangs and Sweet Sweet Heartkiller, then you'll appreciate this collection of songs. If you don't, you're a dick. Every track is titillating, so tit it today. I mean get it. I'm 8 years old, sorry.

Say Hi // One, Two ... One

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