Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Filler

Some shit I've been listening to. Most of it's old news, but some's new, some's devil, some's lamp, and dem's the breaks. Listen. Then light. Yourself. On fire.

Foreign Born // Vacationing People
Watch for this album, Person To Person, coming out very soon. Promises to be quite swell.
Bad Veins // Dry Out
Kasabian // Fast Fuse
Guillemots // Clarion
Nine Inch Nails // Echoplex
Jaguar Love // Jaguar Pirates
Bastila // Heart(don't)Beat
Ladytron // Tomorrow
Metronomy // Holiday
M. Ward // Fisher Of Men
Shocking Pinks // I Want U Back
Human Highway // My Beach
The Walkmen // If Only It Were True
Beach House // Used To Be
Joy Division // Atmosphere

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