Monday, June 15, 2009

Throw Me The Statue

Front man and pioneer of this formerly one-man pop extravaganza, Scott Reitherman, orchestrates some throwback, but lovely melodies with this new album, Creaturesque, delivering to record stores and lingerie shops on August 4. That, my friend, was a mouth full. But I checked the grammar with Merriam Webster Slaughter and he gave it an F+ so we're all good.

There are now four gents in the band making the whole one-man thing a lot less cool, but I suppose if you want to play live these days, you need other "people" to help you out. What to the evs. Their label, Secretly Canadian, has some nice hooker loving, crack bands putting out some decent scratch this summer. I kid, it's a fine label. Can I get some orange juice around here? Please.

Throw Me The Statue // Ancestors

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