Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holly Miranda

I've talked about her before and I'll talk about her again. Holly has a new EP out called Sleep On Fire and it's not bad. I'm pretty sure this is a prelude to something much bigger, but that's only an educated hunch. And if you know me, you know my educated hunches are worth millions. Sometimes hundreds. Or ones. I've been following this lass for the past few several months. Her progress that is, not her physically. Come on, seriously? You really think I' you shut up. Right...following her. I do believe she's getting much better. My EH tells me she'll be a household name in the music world very, very soon.

This is really bullshit because it's real. Listen for yourself.

Holly Miranda // Everytime I Sleep

A little short. Well it's 17:40, but it's worth it. Is it me or is she the devil? In a good way. A good way.

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Anonymous said...

Holly Miranda blows my mind.