Friday, November 12, 2010

Lydia Ooghe {& the Lux Vacancy}

I don't flirt nearly enough with the local scene, with the exception of my dedicated groupie-attentions to Autocue. No longer! I'm completely diverting my eyes from the PacNW and Brooklyn scene, and lay gaze solely upon RVA.

That is total horseshit malarkey, but I do intend to love on my citymates more.

This coming Sunday, Nov. 14, let's meet up for some grenache at Ipanema and check out Lydia Ooghe. Her songs are stuff of sugar and batting, helium-balloon pop on acoustic guitar and occasional pedal steel. And she looks a-freaking-dorable. By my professional estimation, she's impressing the River City with her talents and gracefully sunny stage presence. We shall see, Lydia.

See you Sunday evening cheetahbabies.

Lydia Ooghe and Lux Vacancy // Baby Yay

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