Monday, November 29, 2010

Under the Covers Monday - Cee-Lo & BOH

allo allo. Hope everyone's thank-full celebrations were all you ever dreamed of. General overindulgence, drunken brawls with disconnected friends from high school and long, intensively uncomfortable silences over that second serving of squash pie as your mother looks on disapprovingly. Pilgrims might not be real, but it's the spirit of the season that counts.

I could be forcing my thoughts concerning My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on you right now, but Mondays don't allow for it. Sorry. Get a lusty earful of Cee-Lo's class and soulful vibrato covering Band of Horses instead. While you're listening I'll be doing my best booty-drop this side of the laptop - considering limited materials.

Cee-Lo Green // No One's Gonna Love You

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