Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Man Who Would Live

You'll notice my name isn't the sole listing as contributor to this 1-Trick Pony of a posting vessel. David Mckay, who posts about as often as I wash my hair on the weekends, has been a hard-working sonova this past year. He quit his safe and comfy job as an art director in the advertising world and proceeded to pour blood, sweat and tears into a black void known to a choice few as Endie Filmmahkin'. His own, and a number of poached liters from a number of cute & cuddly creatures.

Countless iterations of a script, sinkholes of WTF-am-I-doing, blistering moments of soul-sustaining creativity, several months worth of frustrated outbursts from his girl {cough.} and a spontaneously combusting credit card brings him to this precipice - the finish of the film is just within reach.

It took a group of fantastic people, true dedication and artistic vision to make it happen. If you have a few quarters in your pocket, help him see this through at his Kickstarter page. Maybe then I can stop carrying him piggyback on ES, and would get a datenight some place other than Arby's. If I have to eat any more curly fries, I will punch a baby.

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