Friday, February 18, 2011

Radiohead - the Kings of my Limbs

At long last.
After much quiet.
Much anticipation and dreamings and hopefulness and mild disappointment after the elventhousandth time you looked them up since pledging your undying loyalty after you questioned your existence when you heard "How to Disappear Completely" for the first time while driving to Hardee's for a sweet tea. {gasp}

Radiohead's 2011 release, The King of Limbs. Blessed be, the lion flies and I can dance my way down a pulsing neon-aubergine thoroughfare of electronic transcendence right on up and across the brim of Thom Yorke's fedora. We're back in Kid A territory, somebody better drop the bread crumbs so we can find our way back.

Radiohead // Lotus Flower

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