Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Teenagers

Two French guys and a Londoner, the Teenagers raised for a lot of people this year the question of bad art/taking the piss. Is this what happens when a band forms as a joke? (They did.) And if so, is it worthwhile? Sort of a J.T. LeRoy issue I guess.

In particular, the song "Homecoming" tells the story of a young English man who travels to visit his step-aunt in California and sleeps with her virgin-whore daughter. One of the French guys sings the dialog of the English character, an American woman the valley-girl step-cousin responses. Bayside stereotypes + dirty language = fun with national identity and sexual politics. Bad art, whatevski.

The "Homecoming" remix by Gentlemen Drivers also wins for its choice of vocal sample.

Gross 7" cover posted in lieu of dirty hipster photo.

Most of the standout tracks from the full-length, Reality Check, are up on their Myspace. But my favorite's not. Hear below.

Streets of Paris

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