Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zombie Zombie

I would have been way more demure when I met these dudes if I had realized they're famous in Europe. When I went to see them during Pop Montreal, I thought they were just a cool band on Myspace. Turns out they played at several of the Euro silly-season festivals this year, and NME featured them in June.

Etienne Jaumet plays synths, and Cosmic Neman drums. That's it; that's the whole band. And that's all they need... to just keep right on inducing trancey prog-seizures.

I don't know Neman's last name, but Etienne later told me over Facebook that his bandmate is also the drummer for Herman Dune. Neman confirmed this via Myspace.

A Land For Renegades = one of the remarkable releases of 2008. On Versatile records.

"Driving this road until death sets you free." The video is a remake of John Carpenter's movie The Thing.

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mcKay said...

I'm pretty sure I've watched this at least 20 times now. At their G.I. Joe board meeting, they said "we are committed to excellence." I believe they were sincere.