Monday, December 22, 2008

James Pants

Continuing to reflect, another of the This Year's Dopest Tracks.

According to Stones Throw, Peanut Butter Wolf dj'ed at James Pants's prom. What? (Texas.) And then James pants talked to Peanut Butter Wolf and scored an internship at Stones Throw. And then a record deal. What???

It makes sense if you hear the music.


Haha James Pants was probably at the Stones Throw pool party with me at Winter Music Conference and I didn't even know because I was hanging out with a 7-foot-tall Rainbow Gathering/FSU kid named Tom Treetrunk... oh. Crap.

More James Pants at RCRD LBL. Also noticed J Rocc has a podcast up on the Stones Throw site.

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