Friday, June 11, 2010

Basia Bulat

I'll admit, this image is a little outdated. It was taken a few years back when a fellow fan - dear, darling to my heart - and I went to the Devotchka show at Hat Factory, only we weren't really there for Devotchka. Love the band of gypsies, don't doubt it for a minute. But we were REALLY there for a flaxen-haired Canadian woodsprite who sings like you should go to church and consider yo'self in this world - because even when she's not singing gospel she might as well be. That's how much truth rings out in Bulat's vibrato-laden voice as she claps, stomps, strums and sways - oft with autoharp in arms.

But I was THERE, man! From the beginning! Her debut followup, Heart of My Own, benefits from a little bomb-pow courtesy of Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire's familiar). The mountains of instrumentation can sometimes overwhelm, but if you get out breath, make it to "Hush."

Listen and confess your sins. If you have to. Or maybe just listen.

Basia Bulat // Heart of My Own

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