Monday, June 28, 2010


It's suckers, not Suckers, ok?
suckers, and not the kind from the bank that get all holey and cut your tongue. Though I bet banks don't even give those out anymore, do they? Some kid probably gag-yarfed on a lollipop stick and ruined it for everyone. What a brat.

From what I can tell, this Brooklyn quartet are a lot smarter than that. They've based their sound, fully debuting on the June 8 release Wild Smile, to spring from synthily verdant bass and percussion. Unfurling vines of dew-laden guitars twine around group chants and harmonies. P
roduced by the mystic Anand Wilder(yeasayer) and Chris Moore(tvotr), it gets your body movin', it gets you singin' along.

Pair that with a fash that lifts from a MGMT center spread - just look at this pic. You kinda want to punch them in the neck, you kinda want to link arms with your fellows in a Brooklyn's warehouse commune aesthetic. Sway to the beat of poly-pop shakers. Leaning against each others' 25/25/50'd chest
, pounding out 5-word refrains. Swinging and sloshing heady growlers of PBR till the bridge subsides. Just BE there, already!

suckers // Black Sheep

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