Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the Dough Rollers

There's something endearing and mildly eyebrow-raising that LA kids think Son House Jr. is the shit. But we're a culture with hipsters snubbing any apparel post '81. Betty Draper is majorly hot, and we suffer rochambeau tourneys to vie for PopPop's retired Tart Arnels, (regardless the fact nobody's remotely farsighted. LASIK, hellooo).

The Dough Rollers ensemble are currently Malcolm Ford (vocals, mandolin), Jack Byrne (guitars, vocals), Julia Tepper (fiddle, vocals) and Andrew Barrett (washboard, jug, kazoo and piano) - that's right, jug. what of it. True disciples dedicated to ragtime revival, they lean in to each other in dens, on rooftops, in opera houses. Follow each others toe taps and finger picks, with Malcolm's raspy yowls wading us through the Mississippi Delta.

You thought Jack White has some overamplified guitars? Pffft.
You think pomade is too sticky to be edgy? Slick those bangs back, bro.
"devil's music, accused of inciting violence and other poor behavior.[129]" is making a comeback.

The Dough Rollers // Where Shall I Be?

Go here if you can't abide speaker recordings.

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