Monday, June 21, 2010

Washed Out

To the esteemed Mr. Ernest Greene,

Mr. Greene - I'm writing to let you know that I am a m*th*f*ck*n fan. Ever since you came out with the Life of Leisure EP, you've made me wish I had been a little older to do more than drool and ask for a binkie in '84.
Those music beds you've built with late '70s-80's sampling is an excellent choice.

Even better than highfructosecornsyrup sampling is the minimal lyricism modus operandi. Paired with your homemade bedroom-synth, it's like pb&J. Smooth or chunky, grape or strawberry - if you make that sandwich, you better believe people are gonna 'nom.

The fact you got me to say 'nom is ridiculous. But when you're dropping singles on Adult Swim, only one of the best visual assaults on the planet, that's what happens.

keep it stanky,

Caroline Polachek sounds positively dreamy on this track. Maybe I'll buy the last Chairlift record to hold me over since you're taking your sweet-ass time with this late Fall release.
Did you seriously create the Chillwave genre? C'mon bro - that's pushing it.

Washed Out // You and I

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mcKay said...

Yuk. Keep it in your pants, chirgo.