Sunday, February 8, 2009


When I saw this flyer taped to the Bagel Czar I thought something was a little off-- Marshé usually seems to design the flyers for shows happening at Rumors, or at least the band does, and this didn't really fit what I think of as an aesthetic that either she or Japanther would really come up with. I noticed the weird varsity style of the "free" at the top.

But, whatever. Sweet, free Japanther show a block from my house. Totally down.

Then on Friday I got the Franki Chan/iheartcomix email blast that the Japanther/Totally Michael tour was kicking off, and suddenly. The flyer... Franki Chan... SCION.

Hahaha, Marshé is hosting a Scion party? Actually no, I asked her. She did sound like she wouldn't be opposed, though. Still, something funny about that flyer...

But yeah, whatever. Free Japanther show a block from my house.

Um Like Yer Smile Is Totally Ruling Me Right Now --my sister says "Critical" is their best song but I couldn't find it except a noisy live video.

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