Monday, February 9, 2009


These dudes are on tour with Japanther, but for some reason they weren't on the flyer for last night's show. I got all happy when I realized who they were, my new-band missed connection from the Rock the Bells sidestage last year.

Ideally I would post a photo of Telli Gramz in the Vera Bradley hoodie he was wearing last night, but this is fashion, too.

Tight Pants (Rap Version) (free download from iheartcomix)

There is also a more punk version of this song, laid over "Negative Thinking" by Death Set. Death Set actually shot the video for it with them.

On their myspace they list GG Allin, R Kelly, and ODB's Grammy performance as their influences. Kool Keith gets no mention, for what it's worth.

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