Monday, February 23, 2009


Telepathe is from Brooklyn, having started off as a side project by members of the bands Bloodlines and First Nation. To my delight they decided to roll with the Kraut jamz full-time.

I thought the WRIR mail squirrels had chewed it up or something, but apparently Telepathe has only just released Dance Mother, their full-length from Iamsound.

The album includes "Chromes On It," which via music blog distribution and the Chromes on It EP caught a lotta people's attention last year. Iamsound is giving it out free here. I also quite like the Tan Lines remix.

Most of the songs on Dance Mother are less in-your-face than "Chromes."

The video for "So Fine." Can we please talk about the MSCL elements of this? And the kitty, obv.

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