Monday, February 9, 2009

Mike Bones

Mike Bones’ (aka Mike Strallow) vocals are sometimes hard to listen to. Like a dead person whispering in your ear. But if you look at the cover of his latest album, A Fool For Everyone, you’ll find an image of Mike resembling what I would refer to as pornography for dead gay men. So maybe that’s what he’s going for.

Here’s a quick biography from his own words. Edited by me.
I grew up in New Jersey...and...used hard drugs daily...Sometimes I slept with women...Then I got serious about writing songs...A frustrated girlfriend left me...Things are looking up.

Some have compared Bones to Leonard Cohen. See also Lou Reed and Stephen Malkmus. He’s currently touring with Phosphorescent. Be sure to carry some strychnine for you and your date if you stay for both sets. What date? Who am I kidding? Just take enough to off yourself.

One Moment’s Peace

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