Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Junip, not juniper. Or Jupiter.
Which is good on both counts, as I have an aversion to gin and do not have proper lung capacity to accomodate atmospheric ammonium hydro-sulfide.

But it's Junip, phew!, out of Gothenburg, Sweden and in existence since the early '90s
. You'll recognize the tremolo of José González
alongside Tobias Winterkorn (keyboard) and Elias Araya (drums). González and Araya have been palling around since 14 with a shared love of hardcore metal. Meeting and jiving Winterkorn from time to time at shows sparked conversation on a different aesthetic, something more on the 60s and 70s mellow guitars and a Moog. Far from thrash, and a clear fingerpoint in the hypnotically melodic direction.
A long, slow-trodden, patient direction - with their first full release, Fields, released last month after 10 years in the making.

Drift along at a North American show once they make landfall Nov. 1.

Junip // Rope and Summit

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