Friday, October 15, 2010

White Sea

After Morgan Kibby finished touring with M83, she took it upon herself to sit down and learn Pro Tools so she could write and produce this minute gem of an EP - This Frontier. Kibby is White Sea, a name that stuck after looking up her own name's meaning on a baby website. Mine means "pure maiden." That's rich.

The five tracks don't sound much like the other, and I dig it. Album cohesiveness is all good, but I like the differing urge to doo-wap to #5 and sprint in the desert to #1. Kibby was heavily influenced by disco when putting things together, making the effort to wrench herself from familiar heavy brooding to lighter, dancier faire.

And that album cover is definitely inspiring my zombie makeup for Howlyween. Care if I copy?

White Sea // Mountaineer

( this? have the rest, and read more about my current girlcrush)

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