Monday, October 18, 2010

Pearly Gate Music

There's a good possibility I'll sway up the cloud escalator to a predetermined destination by this soundtrack, created by Zach Tillman (aka Pearly Gate Music). I think it would be downright fitting to skip up and along to toothy guitars, vocals hearkening of Leonard Cohen and pervasive percussion, tattooed by older brother Josh Tillman (singer/songwriter, Fleet Foxes percussion).

Until I executed a quick suicide bomb dive during the growling bridge.
That's the good stuff right there, son! PGM is not all lilting folk, aiming from a dustier age. It does it's bit of rough-housing, though shaded by, admittedly, achingly pretty lyricism.

when we get married
I think it be best

if you wore that blue sweater
instead of a dress
-Navy Blues


A bedroom artist of sorts - the self-titled LP was written and recorded in Tillman's Seattle living room, friends and brethren pitching in where needed. The ambient sounds of an apartment; the front door opening, someone looking lazily into the fridge, are neat whispers. Maybe makes you feel like it isn't that far of a stretch to be a part of that lo-fi world, adding your claps and kneeslaps to the din. In the den. {insert groan here}

Pearly Gate Music // Gossamer Hair

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