Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I was first winsomely lead away by the Bowerbirds when they opened for Bon Iver at Black Cat in 2009. 2008? Though they played for a largely talkative and annoying crowd,

{taking a moment to just put it out there: i get weird juju from nearly every DC crowd I'm obliged to stand with. truly, what is with the apathetic posturing? shaves my buzz every time.}

{there. i feel better.}

the Raleigh, NC-natives Phil Moore {vocals, guitar}, Beth Tacular {vocals, accordion(!)} and Mark Paulson {vocals, violin} are, quite frankly, endearing. Critics toss around the "freak folk" genre, but I'd disagree. Feels more tempered; intimate story-telling over flowing instrumentation. An attentive beak to their glossy feathers. So tonight the four of us will have a bit of a reunion in Charlottesville when they open for Arcade Fire - followed by RĂ©gine and I ribbon dancing to Sprawl II.

Bowerbirds // Beneath Your Tree

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