Friday, June 10, 2011


I don't know if I want to be her best friend, plead to run with her crew or punch in her the neck.

rap beast
screw head
pot smoker
Oakland representer
Pixel Fantasy
bitch snatcher
White Girl Mob
"i got the swag, it's pumping out my ovaries"

What gives some white girl out of Oakland, a bubbly tattooed pixie, any amount of street cred for that kind of list?

Does it really effing matter? Really?

Because when gems like this pop up, IT DOESN'T.

I can only smiled bemusedly when a full scholarship to Berkeley Film School recipient has interview quotes such as:
Q: What are some Ratchet activities you enjoy?
A: Some Ratchet? Yeah, well, shout out to Team Ratchet! Me and Team Ratchet? We do everything ratchet. You know, like, shit, all-star weekend? In LA? We like, just ran around with guns and we like tried to rob Young Berg, and like, hella shit! {giggles sweetly}

love. LOVE. punch!

The Week's Once Over

Young and gingery with Zoo Kid {Becki Hohen}
Stoked to see the Bowerbirds again in Charlottesville
Emotionally in-touch with Eddie Vedder {Dustin Artz}
Under the Covers: starting the week off sweaty with "Lay Lady Lay"

Kreayshawn // Gucci Gucci

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