Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zoo Kid

Archy Marshal, better known by stage name Zoo Kid, definitely lives up to his name with his amazing ginger quiff.

It's a little difficult to comprehend that Archy, at a measley 16 years, and has already been compared to the likes of Morrissey and James Blake, but his sense of teendream angst comes through with brokenheart lyrics in his debut single "Out Getting Ribs." His vocals bring a sense of old character, livened up with a unique new sense of dub rock. The featured track takes it title from a piece created by American Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, {le swoon} the kid is talented and cultured. He makes you wish that instead of rebelling in your adolescence you were taking your sorrows and producing something this soulful.


Zoo Kid // Out Getting Ribs

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