Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Under the Covers...Tuesday. Go easy on me. : Radiohead & Portishead

All right, ok, I know, I slacked, I'm sorry. I was a blasted waste of brainspace after a massive Sunday on-set for Mckay's lastest short-film. I'll update with a trailer in a week or so. If you like 50's rockabilly, a faceless keyboardist and femme on (zomb')femme makeouts, then you're going to absolutely despise "Johnny."

A favorite band playing a favorite song by another favorite band is an easy win while my bandwidth is still this compromised. I'll manage something far, far more introspective and monotheistically challenging later this week after a good nap and a butterscotch candy.

Sneak-peek from set of enigmatic performers in makeup by LeftwichFx - accomplished in cozy proximity to Empire's frydaddies.

Radiohead // The Rip
Portishead // The Rip

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