Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eddie Vedder

He beat me to EV AND got me choked up before 10a.
Trust me, if you have any semblance of a soul and were born before '91, it's going to happen to you, too.

"I seem to recogniiiiize your faaaaaace.

Hauunting, familiar yet, I can't seeeeem tooooo plaaaace itttt…" ahem

Sorry, nostalgia makes me sing-type.

Eddie Vedder has arrived with a stripped down collection of songs over ukelele. Which is pretty amazing in both concept and actuality. His voice is so emotive it's nice to peel all the extranea away and just hear some simple music, and/or limit the amount of frat boys belting out power-driven discordant harmonies in their Jeep Wranglers (self-diss).

While the album certainly has its brooding and introspective moments, there's just something about the bright and tinny ukulele that won't let Vedder's voice dip into the swamps of sadness.

Try not to be moved by that reference! You can't!

Oh god.



Eddie Vedder // Goodbye

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