Monday, July 19, 2010

Active Child

Can't really top that behemoth post of a mixed tape. Ever ever. But I do hope all the feudal Lords and Ladies of the Empty Skeleton Kingdom revels in the soundwaves of my birthday tribute as much as I do.

Only feasible followup is to wax poetic over some favorites - cuz I know you want all the smutty slutty deets. I mean, along with the music! Right?
What are you really reading this blog for, anyway?

All right, Active Child = Pat Grossi, former member of the Philadelphia Boys Choir until his father packed up the family and took them cross-country before Grossi cleared the frightening forest of puberty. It was a necessary move - Daddy Grossi worked for Priority Records, a major rap label that required him in the West office. So Grossi grew up with full reign to listen to dirty gangster rap and shake hands with Snoop, Dre and other greats.

For some reason this trips me out when you check out the tracks, which sound like an evangelical rave.
But, as I think about it, raves have more in common with evangelical gatherings than most any other comparative event.

It took some time, some experimentation, but Grossi finally elicited a heady potion to combine electro synth with monastic hallows and his otherworldly tenor. Layers and loops later, you got yourself an EP my friend.

If you didn't catch it earlier.

Active Child // Wilderness

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