Monday, July 12, 2010

Day One: The Arrogant Kiss

On day one, the Monsters took advantage of the Animal with their greed and arrogant ignorance and undisciplined hand. The experimentation, the lies, the power. They swept the rug out of the feet of all that moved before them. When the Animal spoke and said "Why must I endure your plight when you misunderstand my existence and worth and significance," the Monster would smile and laugh and pat the Animal on the head, his muscle and punch cocked behind his complex electrical configuration. He would say nothing because he would not need to. The testing gazes and the wasteful waste clouded the sky as the night fell upon the Animal, her eyes opening for the first time. While the Monsters appeared to be blind, the Animal could see the lightning and the blackness in the distance and she knew in her heart that a storm was upon her. 

Jamie Lidell // Compass 
Damien Jurado // Rachel & Cali 
Phospherescent // Los Angeles 
Sarah Jaffe // Vulnerable 
Sebastien Schuller // Battle 
Midlake // Acts Of Man 
Valgeir Sigurdsson // Dreamland

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