Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Two: The Black Storm

On the second day, even the Monsters were surprised by the evil and damage they had created. They had turned the Land that welcomed them into a black plume, eyes of red and teeth of pearl and peril. All they had created now stood singularly as a wall of chaotic noise and destruction. Yet instead of admission and submission, they raged on, deeper and faster. They spit rain that fell like hardened bullets and hail like atom bombs into the mountains and sea. The Animal spilled and lost her breath and her arms and legs were ripped and her eyes blued and broken, her blood mixed with the toxic sea that burned and battered her skin. She screamed and pleaded, but the Monsters would not, could not listen and pulled her deeper under the once blue surface, stabbing and biting as they dragged. The base of the sea enveloped her and the air inside her turned to black and her eyes blinked and closed one final time.

Avi Buffalo // Truth Sets In
Saintseneca // Kill All Animals
Typhoon // Happy People
Horse Feathers // The Drought
Liars // No Barrier Fun
How To Destroy Angels // A Drowning
Clogs // Last Song (with Matt Berninger)

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