Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Five: A Land Without Monsters

On the fifth day, the Monsters had disappeared for good and the Animal reigned. The Land once of blood and steel was now a peaceful palette of serene green. The black sky turned blue and green and violet before revealing 26 new moons in the North Sky. The Animal labored and the fruits grew plentifully. At night, the Animal was cold and built a fire from the shedding branches of a nearby tree. In the distance, it began to rain the drink of the Land and all were fed. When the storm came closer the wet sky extinguished the fire and there was darkness. The Animal slept as the moons circled the sky and all was the quiet of great quietness. At dawn, the peacefulness was disturbed when the Animal was awakened by a noise in the young trees behind her.

The Do // At Last
Active Child // When Your Love Is Safe
Kaiser Cartel // Dog Stars
Laura Stevenson & The Cans // The Pretty One
Matthew & The Atlas // I Will Remain
Tangarine & Friends // Until The Light Remains
Jamie Lidell // You See My Light

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