Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Three: The Revolt Of The Animal

On the third day, the Monsters had demolished their accomplishments and uprooted any hope of new creation. They walked barefoot on the hardened tar and smoldered steel below them, walls of grey smoke and bullet rain filling their pores and lungs. There was nothing left to kill or eat or experiment with, no blocks to build upon, no entity on which to declare war. They grew tired and weak and they began to wonder what they had done to deserve this.

At the bottom of the Great Depths, the Animal sat wrapped in a blanket of liquid soot lifeless in the still around her. Under the thick sea floor was a blue coral reef 90 miles wide, a trap door in the darkest place of the Great Depths. It shook and cracked and sucked the blackness into it until there was no black at all and the Animal fell in causing the reef to cry tears of gold blood. It seeped thick and boiled and turned to shapes that turned to limbs and eyes that became an army of angry Animal creatures racing to the surface of the Sea like arrows from a swift bow. There was a great roar heard from the Land and the Monsters turned to see, struggling to stand. Without warning, the blood began to pour from the necks and scalps and chests of the Monsters who watched their beating hearts brutally retracted from their bodies. Their bones were skinned and sharpened to use as weapons and their teeth were kept as trophies. Though the Monsters fought back striking blood of their own, the Animal creatures had no mercy or forgiveness to show upon them.

How To Destroy Angels // The Space In Between
Massive Attack // Girl I Love You
Crystal Castles // Celestica
Holy Fuck // Stay Lit
Dom // Living In America
Future Islands // Walking Through That Door
Late Of The Pier // Blueberry

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