Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cast Spells {and a nibble on SXSW}

{image by scot stewart}

I haven't said anything about SXSW. Doesn't mean I'm oblivious to it. I just might, MIGHT, be incrementally bitter I'm not there. It's been long enough since the slog-mess of ACL 2009 to have me forgetting sweaty, over-crowded discomfort and longing for festival attendance again. Looking at lineups always have me bemoaning my absence; and Dave Davison's of Maps & Atlases solo effort, Cast Spells, adds to the whining. I even annoy myself.

Sonically experimental with some drifty retro crafting, Davison finger-drums like a sonova and is one of those guys who just dribbles out excellent lyrics without huge effort. If you're there, check him out March 19. Take pics. MMS them to me. I'll reply back with onomatopoeias like "aaauuughh" and "grrrrr."

Maps & Atlases - The Ongoing Horrible (Live at Radio Radio)

Cast Spells // Pioneer Scalps

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