Friday, March 11, 2011

Robin Pecknold

As I continue to fidget in anticipation of Fleet Foxes second album's release in May, frontman Robin Pecknold saw it fit to dole out a few tasty treats to satisfy. Recorded in LA a few weeks back, he released three tracks of acoustic guitar picking and lilt-along vocals. "I'm Losing Myself" featuring Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste, a cover of Chris Thompson's "Where Is My Wild Rose" and posted "Derwentwater Stones."

{sneak-attack pic of Pecknold unawares at Moxie, Le West spring road trip 2010. yeah i'm that creep. i mean, fan.}

Fleet Foxes begin their spring tour April 29 in Vancouver. Loads of dates are already sold out, but their stop in D.C. magically has tickets left. You can carpool with me if your first pushpin is RVA, but only if you bring snacks.

See you at Wye Oak tonight. Next week I'm posting some thrash-metal and rage sh*t, get some edge back in this blog, nah meen?

Robin Pecknold // Derwentwater Stones

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