Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reading Rainbow - take a look, it's in a book

It's good, but a different kind of good. Not the kind of good stored on at least 9 VHS tapes in a familial basement. But it's close.

Philadelphia bf/gf songsters, Sarah Everton and Rob Garcia {green-leaning engineer by day}, throw their own sound of hollow garage psych into the beachcomber bucket. Their second release, Prism Eyes, has a couple rainbow glorious moments. With blastoff fast tracks and some catchy lyrics popped in, they make it easy. Granted - you're not going to do any soul-searching, and listening for too long might make you twist your finger in your ear. {read: caterwauling is not uncommon}. But if you're good with that, RR is full of reverb, skittles and sunshine - so you just feel good listening to it. And that's good. Bueno. Bien. Barf. Levar Burton.

Reading Rainbow // Wasting Time

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