Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan made the album I wished for Radiohead.

There I said it.

I got all jazzed and crowed about it, but even after a few listens and some pep talks - it just doesn't put me into the pupil-dilation, catatonic state I craved. I did some discombobulated jigging, sure, and that was fun. But the album that has had me looking off into the middle distance since October of last year is Age of Adz. Syncopated, psychopathic, melodramatic, swirling, electrocuted wildness. And goddamn bold, "Impossible Soul" is a hefty 25:35, nearly as long as The King of Limbs in it's entirety, and just as diverse.

The second half of this particular track makes me want to run screaming over the rotting boards of a frayed cable bridge. In the best way possible.

Sufjan Stevens // I Want To Be Well

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