Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Cave Singers

{front and center at red palace DC}

I bought tickets to see Lia Ices at the Red Palace DC the very day I posted about her. I knew she was the opener for The Cave Singers, who I wasn't familiar with but figured a.) I like caves, b.) I was gonna dig the overall aesthetic, c.) if I wasn't wild for them we had all the more reason to leave early and get back to RVA before the kind of hour I'd keep on the odd upper weekend.

Today I got bags under my eyes, 32oz of coffee and came in to work 30 min late. Whoopsies. F*ck yeah, Cave Singers.

Playing to a pretty packed house, this WA-based trio clearly already have an established fan base with the neo-hippie sect. Cuz they wuz dancin'. So I danced too, duh. Hard not to when the seated Derek Fudesco, {whom my bestmate Andi and I renamed Animal}, heavy picking the electric while playing a distortion pedal with such gusto that he nearly comes out of his chair with every sway into the bass line. Can't deny it when Pete Quirk is doing crazymanlegs dancing punctuated by occasional wild screams. You're a soulless robot if you can ignore Marty Lund's stomp-inspiring floor tom. They're deconstructed gritty folk rockers, and they'll be yowling into your town soon.

track1 off their new release on jagjaguwar, track2 because i spilled my beer when it was played due to enthused shimmying.

and p.s., Lia? Thrashing-lovely set. We're going to be seeing more of her, guar-on-teed.

The Cave Singers // No Prosecution If We Bail
The Cave Singers // At the Cut

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