Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Papercranes - growl & rawhide

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When Rain Phoenix recorded the Papercranes' sophomore album, Let's Make Babies in the Woods, she aimed to push past the cushy production comfort zone. Without breaks or retakes, the writing and recording was an exercise in stream of consciousness. Non-linear, managed chaos production. Reminds me of the creative process I was encouraged to take in Hyper Island work sessions. {do you people not realize that if i don't cross things out in my silo'ed, structured, process-oriented list i will flippin lose my shit?!! all right fine, i'll do the boneless-boy dance while spouting social media ideas. be cool chirgotis. be cool.}

Anyways. Her efforts are largely successful, with whiskey-soaked vocals dragged over granite lyrics and dredged in shale instrumentation. To call up a neo-Janis comparison can't be too far a stone's throw.

Papercranes // Sea Red

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